About Us



​At Art by Artig our passion is designing posters. We want to share our wanted to share our interest and bring our creations out into the world.

​Creating for and with you
Art by Artig posters aren’t just design and pictures. They help creating your own story about what you believe in and what are your hopes and dreams. Thus, these graphic products can be customised to add a little of yourself in the creative process.

What can Art by Artig offer you?
Art by Artig’s greatest strength derives from the fact that new posters are often launched on the website. This means that it is never boring and that you can always find new posters for your wall. We always welcome ideas for new poster designs from our customers – so if you have a good idea or a wish on how your poster should look, drop us an email.

Are you crazy about some Art by Artig posters but wish they came in different colours? No problem! Send us an email with your inquiry – then we can work together to create the posters in the exact colour you want.

Art by Artig on social media
Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Instagram! This way you can always keep up with new poster launches, news and latest inspiration on how you can mix and match your posters. We hold regular contests on social media where you have the opportunity to win beautiful design posters.

Are you a blogger?
At Art by Artig we really want to collaborate with talented bloggers, who blog about fashion and/or interior design. We also like to run giveaways together. Would you like to enter into a partnership? Send us an email and we will get back to you as soon as possible.